Green-bio SMART FARM

미래농업을 선도하는 스마트팜 전문업체
For the better life New frontier technology

Green-bio SMART FARM

GreenBio와 IT융합기술을 바탕으로

친환경적이고 건강한 삶을 제공하는 스마트팜 전문업체

Green-bio SMART FARM

무농약 및 중금속 오염없는 효율적, 혁신적, 경제적인 시스템

Our Company

The biggest goal of TaeMyung Co., Ltd. is ‘For the better life of mankind.’
The core value of this goal is to become the best company with green bio-complex technology.
Please look forward to the future of TaeMyung Co., Ltd. to achieve that value.

Smart Farm

Patent Vertical Farm System
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Organic Liquid Fertilizer
Growth condition lighting
Comprehensive solution for cultivation environment
Hydroponic agricultural AI technology

Hydroponics Plants

Salad vegetables
Herbs plant
Cosmetic raw material plant
Medical crops
Hydroponic plant
Sterile plant
Analgesic plant
Nagoya Protocol Plant
Special crops

Natural Plants manufacturing

Plant beverage
Salad Vegetable Pack (Lunch Box)
Dried extract (Herb tea, Herbal medicine)
(Ginseng, Cosmetics raw materials, perfume)
Agricultural Bio LED and Plasma